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Chocolate Brownie


This brownie is made from ghee(clarified butter) and can stay preserved for 2-3 days. The ghee gives the brownie a crusty top that makes it hard on the outside but soft and moist inside.

4 Servings
Flour 1 Cup
Chocolate powder ¾ Cup
Eggs 4
Baking powder 1 Teaspoon
Ghee 1¼ Cups
Cashew ½ Cup
Sugar 1½ Cups
Preparation Steps
  • Mix the flour and baking powder with a spoon and sieve it

  • Mix the chocolate powder to the above

  • Keep that aside

  • separate the egg whites and keep aside

  • grind the sugar into powder in a mixer

  • mix the egg whites and sugar with a beater till it becomes fluffy

  • keep that aside

  • Now mix the first set of chocolate powder, flour & baking powder with grated cashews, ghee and egg yolks

  • Once that is thoroughly mixed, add the egg whites + sugar mixture

  • 10 

    Beat this well either by hand or with a hand blender

  • 11 

    Preheat oven on 320F

  • 12 

    Pour the mixture into a baking pan and keep it on the oven for 55 minutes.

  • 13 

    Once it nears the baking point you will see the top crust getting hard and light brown and the edges separating from the tray.

  • 14 

    Once baked, serve after cooling it

Cherian ThomasBangalore, India

Since my pre-teen days my brother & I’ve been experimenting with food that started all the way from Maggi noodles to choco brownies & anchovie pickles these days. These recipes represent a lifetime of learning’s from my mom, wife, magazines & my grandparents.

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