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Beef Enchilada Dip


this dip is packed full of flavor, and has loads of ground beef so its hearty n filling... quite the crowd pleaser!

16 Servings
Ground beef 450 Grams
Garlic Clove 4
White onion, finely diced12
Enchilada sauce 2 Cups
Ground cumin14 Teaspoon
Package Velveeta mexican style, cubed 16 oz. 1
Freshly cracked black pepper
Preparation Steps
  • heat oil in a non-stick pan. add the chopped garlic and sautee.

  • add the diced onion and sautee till just caramelized.

  • add the ground beef and break it up with the spoon. cook it thru till evenly browned throughout.

  • season the beef with a little salt (not too much) and plenty of pepper. add the enchilada sauce. mix well till just bubbling.

  • add the cubed mexican style Velveeta and mix well to melt the cheese.

  • add the cumin and mix. check for seasoning.

  • when the cheese starts bubbling, transfer the dip to a serving dish and serve warm with tortilla chips.

  • enjoy!!!

Nirmala PremAbu Halifah, Kuwait

Hey! I'm a super busy mommy to 3 year old mixed gender twins. I guess that's enough said about the amount of time i get to spend cooking :). Most of the food I cook is about saving time, but not compromising on flavour. My biggest supporter is my hubby, who loves trying out new recipes and experimenting with different flavours. We love entertaining friends, and our home is the usual watering hole in our gang. So we try to come up with some innovative, fun food. Hope u guys like them!

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